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Interactive Dashboards

Ely Insights will work with you to build customised dashboards to your request. This will help you gain an extra layer of understanding of your business.

Investment Analysis

With extensive knowledge of financial markets across multiple asset classes, you may avail of input regarding analysis of your investments.

Database Management

Many businesses maintain spreadsheets not suited to informing them of anything. Ely Insights will consult with you to clean up your databases so that these can be used for best effect.

Turn This

Are you looking at an individual chart or numbers table and not really getting anything meaningful from it?

into this

Why not turn the same information into something more easily understood. A picture paints a thousand words, and with the ability to easily transform your data why not give it a try?

We can help you with...

Data Analysis
Database Clean-Up
Investment Analysis
Excel Based Systems

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. If you have access to data and wish to use it better then Ely Insights can help you. 

Clients can be from any industry and can be of any size. Projects can range from days to months, and are built with you in mind.

Projects can move to your preference. Generally speaking we can get going with any projects within a week or two.

Because of the blend of experience built up between understanding the business side of your operations, as well as the technical know-how to assist you in understanding your data.

The tools in use in the business are at the forefront of technology used to analyse large datasets as well as being visually appealing.

The idea came about from the changing nature of technology and how so much more information is available in many aspects of our lives.

Send us an email at or call Eoghan at 086 083 6605 and we will go from there.

We can start with an informal session or discussion to see if and we can help. 

The main product used in the business in Tableau. Tableau enables user to condense and link various different databases easily, and also provides an easy to use system to build dashboards to your preference.

We can use data available from many different data sources, including Excel, Access, R, even PDF’s in many cases, any many more besides.

Why do we use tableau?

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